There’s a misconception that Twenty-Something is a blog for the 20-29 age bracket, but it’s just not true! While a 24-year-old may read the articles and find common ground in the experiences told, the seasoned reader can laugh at the naivety, drama and soon-to-be trampled aspirations of the spirited writer.

Twenty-Something is a reflection upon the life, the thinkings and occasional doings of early adulthood: A celebration of well-meaning passion, vaguely consequential but entirely insightful commentary on popular culture, and in the darkest hours, an opportunity to vent in a fit of blind rage.

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The ultimate goal of Twenty-Something is to transform this small blog into a larger, digital magazine. I’d love to feature contributions from any passionate thinkers who want to share their thoughts and talents.

If you’re a writer, a photographer, a designer, a filmmaker or one the many professions I’ve failed to mention, you just might be a perfect fit for Twenty-Something!

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Keen to share your thoughts and a comment just doesn’t cut it? Or perhaps you want to chew over something unrelated? These are both great reasons to send a charming, hand-typed email to Twenty-Something. I’m more than happy to answer your questions in an article, especially if you’re after dating advice (a speciality of mine).

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